Baby Stroller Liner – Sheepskin Premium Bamboo



Premium Baby Stroller Liner Bamboo

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Premuim A Grade Genuine Sheepkin

  • 20MM – 25MM Short Wool Pile 

  • Fully Machine Washable, Hand Washable Or Dry Cleanable

  • Fully Cotton Lined And Overlocked Edges

  •  Size – 70cm Long X 40cm Wide With Rounded Edges



A Great Way To Keep Your Baby Comfortable

Please note we do not make the cut outs for the straps and lockers unless the pram or seat are here at our factory, which we will happily do for you. Other wise it will be sent out with no cut outs. This is due to so many different baby strollers and car seats out in the market with different strap and locker positions. Making the holes at home is as easy as marking their position and cutting a few small slits in the sheepskin leather with a sharp kniife or siccors. The hole does not need to be overlocked as it will not frey, rip or get bigger. It is real leather and very strong.

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